Trend Alert: Statement Earrings

I should start this off by saying that I do not have my ears pierced and have never worn a pair of earrings a say in my life. Even though I can not partake in this current trend does not mean that I can't admire them on various websites. Right? Right! Statement earrings have been all the rage lately and it's not hard to see why. They have the power to bring a simple outfit to the next level and they come in so many styles and colors that the options are almost limitless. The styles that I have seen the most are the classic tassel ones and the earrings that fan out, though earrings that incorporate stars are all the rage now. Since I have spent countless hours surfing the web looking for earrings I will never buy, I thought who else is better equipt to compile a list of statement earrings than me?


BaubleBar is known for their AMAZING statement earrings that come in all shapes in sizes. The only con is that they are in the mid to high range when it comes to price. The upside is that recently they came out with a line that is available at Target called SUGARFIX by BaubleBar. These earrings are much more affordable and widely available because there are Targets everywhere.

Vierra Heart by Baublebar
SUGARFIX by Baublebar
Emma Hoop by BaubleBar

Sheila Faji

Star designs in jewelry is a very popular trend right now and a brand that executes this trend very well is Sheila Faji. Their jewelry is so gorgeous and it's done in a subtle way that still makes a statement. Sheila Faji makes quality pieces and that is reflected in the prices. They range from 50 dollars and up, but just know you are getting what you pay for so expect great pieces that will last longer that one season.

Equulei Frontal Hoop by Sheila Faji

Silvina Hoop by Sheila Faji


This is an Etsy shop that I found while looking around on the website. These earrings are so cute and trendy and they are priced around the 20 dollars mark. Some of the earrings remind me of some of Baublebar's pieces so if you like the look and style of Baublebar but want something more affordable check TheProvince out. Plus the reviews for the shop are great which is always good! 

Rainbow Raffia by TheProvince
Raffia Heart by TheProvince

Kendra Scott

Kendra Scott's earrings are timeless and are classic pieces in a lot of wardrobes. The classic "Danielle" drop earring come in countless colors and you are even able to customize them to design what color and type of metal casting you want. Kendra Scott also has other styles of earrings that are very popular too. Just like Sheila Faji you are getting what you pay for so just know that the pricy price tag is worth it in the end. 

Danielle Gold Drop Earring by Kendra Scott
Reece Gold Hoop Earring by Kendra Scott

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