The Key to Keeping Your Skin Hydrated During Summer

It's practically the middle of May which means that Summer is right around the corner waiting to jump out and terrorize us with her harsh rays and unbearable heat. Even though you should be wearing sunscreen year round, here is an extra reminder to make sure you slather it on, especially when doing your skincare routine. Now that the public service announcement is out of the way let's talk about hydration. Even after drinking my required 8 glasses of water a day, applying hyaluronic acid, and moisturizer to my face I still find my skin looking dull, which is not cute at all. Name one person who wants to go around looking crusty and dry...that's what I thought. In order to help combat this, I went to my local Riley Rose and brought the product that honestly changed my skincare routine. 

Mario Badescu is a skincare brand that has been around for a hot minute. Their products are amazing and one of my favorites besides their facial sprays is their drying lotion. If you ever see a pimple trying to make its big debut on your face, put a little dab on the area, go to sleep, and wake up to discover that she had stage fright and had to go back into hiding. 

There are three different facial sprays that can either be purchased together as a trio or separately. The first one features aloe, herbs, and rosewater, the second one features aloe, cucumber, and green tea, and the third one features aloe. chamomile, and lavender. When I first went to buy one I wasn't sure which one to choose and I didn't feel like reading them all which is so lazy of me. Pro Tip: don't do this. Lucky a store employee was happy to help me. I asked her if there was one to help even skin tone and she directed me to the pretty purple one which used chamomile and lavender. Although it didn't really help with skin tone it helped with crustiness and that's perfectly fine with me. 

I use the spray after I wash my face before I apply serums and moisturizers, but after I use witch hazel to tone. Another great thing about it is that I can respray my face during the day to give me a dewy look. 

You can find these products on their website, Ulta, and so many other places that I can't name, but they are out there.

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What's your opinion?

  1. i’ve never used mario badescu religiously. i’ve used their drying lotion a little here and there but my best friend has a whole routine with their products and she absolutely loves it! i love a good facial mist so i’ll have to check them out! xx

    mich /

  2. I’ve heard so many good things about the Mario Badescu products especially their drying lotion. The facial sprays sound amazing and I will definitely be picking one up for my holiday x

  3. I've never tried Mario Badescu before but it looks good! I love refreshing sprays like that!

    Megan |