Photo Dump: Huji Edition

Huji is an app that lets you take photos and it gives them a filter(that is sometimes a little too harsh) and a timestamp so that it gives it the "retro" look. The hype around the app is starting to die down, but I still use it. Whenever my friends and I would go out while we were at college I would always whip out my camera to take a picture. I decided to find some of my favorites and post them here to share, because who doesn't love a #Huji moment?
This photo was taken at the Columbia Metropolitan Art Museum. It is a stained glass window and it was displaced in a dark room with light behind it so you could clearly see the detailed. 

This was just lunch one day. It honestly tasted like they put the entire bottle of sauce on it.

This was another museum picture.

These flowers lasted like 3 weeks.

Columbia State House

Views from the top of the State House.

Art museum

This was hanging up in our art class. I wish I knew who painted it.


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