Beauty Wish List: Glossier Balm Dotcom

Glossier is the first thing that comes to find when I think of the no-makeup makeup look. Lately, I have been looking into their products because the reviews are always great for any of their products they are so cute. I mean its totally normal to buy skincare because its cute right? I guess it doesn't really matter because I totally do that I will continue to do so until I am broker that I already am.

So at the moment, I am planning for my first purchase to be one of the infamous Balm Dotcoms. They seem like a low-risk purchase and if I don't like it for whatever reason I am only out of 12 bucks rather than $20 plus dollars if I were to buy something else. The only problem I have is that I brought a similar item a few months ago from Decime the same company that makes The Ordinary products and I absolutely hated it. It was awful and it tasted like...honestly, there are no words for it. IT WAS JUST THAT BAD. I am leaning towards buying the birthday cake flavor because I want to be reminded of birthdays every time I place it on my dry and crusty lips. They also seem pretty universal since they are advertised as a universal skin salve so if I am every finding my hands or anything dry I just apply this for a quick and convent fix. I mean a multipurpose product is always a plus in my book.


I also find myself leaning toward Cherry because of its light red tint. My only problem with this is that my skin tone is deep/dark and it probably won't show up on my skin. I should show up and be fine on my lips but I really won't know until I try it on. As you can probably see I am at a crossroads with this and my biggest problem is that I am being so fickle it's not even funny. Regardless, I know that whichever one I pick I will end up loving and all will once again be well. 

Thanks for reading!!

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