April Playlist

       I'm going to start the post by saying that I have a pretty broad range of music taste. And when I say broad I really mean BROAD. I listen to everything under the sun from Kellie Pickler to Cardie B and everything else in between. The songs I pick for this month are all over the place some songs are new while others are older and I just discovered them recently and some songs are to some oldies but goodies! At the end of the post, you will see all the songs put together on a Spotify playlist so if you have a chance go and give the full playlist a listen. You will be just a confused as I was when I first heard all of these songs put together continually in a playlist. They don't flow very well together but I can guarantee that they all slap!

Taylor Swift Ft. Breandon Urie

I enjoyed this song a lot. It's upbeat and catchy but I would have enjoyed it 20x more if there wasn't that 30-second spelling part!
"Do You Still Think About Me"
Captain Cuts and Zookeper Ft. George Ku

Zara Larsson is that you singing under an alias? Listen to this song to see when I mean.

Beyonce...need I say anymore. The entire album is AMAZING. and If you listen to all the songs in order there is not awkward pause its an effortless transition and it does not sound like it was recorded live. I guess that's the power of Queen B.
"Be Be Your Love"
Rachel Yamagata

"Wicked Games"
Kiana Lede

Men are and will forever be trash
"Over the Love"
Florence + The Machine

Florence Welch singing after one of Gatsby's parties is a fat mood.
"Good Love"
Aly & Aj

Our favorite childhood sister is back putting out music and its so so good.
"Emotional Crank"

Listing to this makes you feel like you are doing your morning routine with Emma Chamberlain.
"Sunset Love"
Petit Biscuit

Perfect Summer montage song

"Pretty Girl"

I still don't know if I should love or hate this song.

Sasha Sloan

Sasha taught me when in doubt dance it out.


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